the Confident Closet

I’m back! and I’ve a lot of new ideas, as always after a long break. Anyway, in a week it will be 3rd birthday of this blog. YAAY!

Today you’ll know my current wardrobe. The Confident Closet Tag is pretty long so let’s get started!

1.The oldest item I’ve in my wardrobe is probably my denim shirt. I didn’t buy it, I stole it from my mom’s closet. Big, wide and a little bit in 80s vibes – totally love it!

Zdjęcie 21.03.2017, 1 25 19 PM

2.The newest item in my wardrobe is my glitter socks from Calzedonia. When I saw them in the shop window, I knew I had to have them. I admit that I bought a little bit too much but since I’ve them I could wear them every day.

Zdjęcie 21.03.2017, 1 29 46 PM

3.I’ve no idea what’s my cheapest item in my wardrobe. But I really like to buy my clothes at sales in H&M. Last I bought there pink sweater, perfect for spring, for only 30zł.

Zdjęcie 21.03.2017, 1 33 31 PM

4.The most money I spent probably on shoes. One of them, that I really love now, are my brown boots from Bruno Premi. But now on my spring wishlist are pink glitter Vans.

5.Everyone who knows me, know that I hate high heels on a stiletto heel. Just pumps aren’t my thing. I’ve only one pair of them and I wore them only once.

6.The most comfortable item in my wardrobe is definitely my Calvin Klein blouse. Last I spend a lot of time on the road so more and more I put on comfort. And beside this blouses and hoodies are on top of the top right now.

7.Rather I don’t throw money down the drain. But it happened to me to fail on the item that I bought. For example, on the quality Lee’s denim, definitely is worse.

8.I’m a big fan of denim. So I could never take off any of my denim jackets. For winter my fave is this one with fur from Tommy Hilfiger and for warmer days an oversized denim jacket from Pull&Bear.

9. My 3 fave items right now: sweater from Pull&Bear in leopard pattern (a little bit in Gucci vibes), fishnets from Calzedonia (I need more colors), boyfriend jeans from Mango (I made this holes a little bit bigger).

10.So as I said before I love denim, so I had to have Levis 501. They’re iconic jeans. I love them so much but most people hate them.. like why?!

Plik 21.03.2017, 2 33 17 PM

11.I bought these trousers a year ago and every time I wear them I’m excited. I think that they’re from H&M, probably.

Give your answer in the comments!
Love, Lynn

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