Star Butterfly

So today I’m gonna show you my sweet makeup that I did a few week ago. This makeup look is inspired by Star Butterfly. I don’t watch this cartoon but the makeup seemed to me interesting. Soooo let’s get started!

PS.Sorry for my tired eyes. 😦

I’ll not describe exactly what I did, I’ll show you only the most important steps and products. Let’s start with the eye makeup. On the lid, I’ve only a white eyeshadow all over and a pink eyeshadow in the crease, and obviously mascara. Then I do my whole face routine – foundation, concealer, and powder. I really like my eyebrows in this look, they’re so messy and bold… just on fleek. After that, I contour my face with bronzer and a highlight. Let’s go to the lipsticks. So this a little bit more complicated. Because first I put on my lips a nude matte lipstick, on that I put a pinkish lip balm and again on that a highlight in pink tone. Ok, so now the funniest part of this makeup – hearts. I take my face base and I draw a thin layer of hearts. Later I take a puppet makeup and gently pat a pink glitter on this base.

Products that I use:

  • Inglot eyeshadow 351
  • Lovele Nude Makeup – white eyeshadow
  • Essence eyeshadow – 04 I’m blushing
  • Rimmel Volume Colourist mascara
  • Maxfactor Facefinity primer
  • Rimmel Stay matte foundation
  • L.A.Girl Pro Concealer
  • Wibo Fixing Powder
  • Pierre Rene eyebrow set – no.1
  • Sleek Face Form bronzer&highlight – Light
  • Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick – Game of Mystery Matte
  • Maybelline Babe Lips – pink
  • Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlight – Peach Lights

That’s it! Really easy, right?

Show me your version of this makeup in the comments.
Love, Lynn

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