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What I wear #1

OK, so in this series, I’ll show you my outfits of the whole week. Rather there will be less than 7 looks because when I’m at home, I prefer a tracksuit. 😉 And also the pictures could be poor quality because they’re from Snapchat (nineczka13) where I post my outfits and my makeup every day.

I  know that I’ve pink face but before this photos I was doing a new makeup tutorial for you. 🙂

1Zdjęcie 22.03.2017, 11 10 59 AM

2Zdjęcie 22.03.2017, 11 18 28 AMZdjęcie 22.03.2017, 11 30 19 AM4Zdjęcie 22.03.2017, 11 30 01 AMZdjęcie 22.03.2017, 11 30 19 AM (1)

3Zdjęcie 22.03.2017, 11 26 36 AM

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Love, Lynn

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